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Stephen and I love to travel and like in business, having a great plan is the place we start. We've had a lot of great trips with an itinerary we put together ourselves. After our much too short trip to Italy in 2011, on our next trips we managed 6 weeks - our last trip started in Portugal and ended in Paris, and in 2013 we went to Israel via Vienna and Prague and come back via Spain.

Is 6 weeks too much? NO! We were ready to go again in just a week after being back!

Tourist Travel Tips

Some of the things we hate are aggravation,  wasting time, and overpaying. For great tips on resources, using credit cards, driving and cell phones, see the Travel Tips page

Lost Worlds

Mayan Ruins

Our first brush with the fascinating Mayan civilization was a side trip to Chichen Itza while vacationing near Playa del Carmen in 2004. That did it - we put together our own Mayan Puuc Route tour ("hilly route") into the heart of the Yucatan peninsula. We loved every minute of pyramid climbing while imagining what it was like when Stevens and Catherwood explored in the 1800's. The Mayan ruins are amazing and truly like visiting a lost world. Check out the Yucatan itinerary for ideas for your own trip.


Romans, art, it is all so fascinating and old...

I was a fan before, but a trip to Italy in 1998 got me hooked on all things Roman. In our France trip in 2000 we made sure Roman ruins were on the itinerary. If you go to Provence, be sure to see the Roman theater in Orange, the Pont du Gard aqueduct near Remoulins, and the arenas in Nimes and Arles that are still in use today.

The US

A lot to see in the United States...

The national parks are great to visit if you can manage it off-season to beat the crowds. We've been fortunate to see a few of them. What's the greatest thing about digital photography? Being able to take a lot of pictures, which can be one of the problems too.

Great Itineraries

5 nights in Paris and 4 days with the museum pass, staying on the charming and oh-so-exclusive feeling little island of Ile Saint-Louis - right in the heart of Paris.

San Sebastian
San Sebastián, Picos de Europa, Santiago de Compostela, and Pontevedra
A drive from Portugal to San Sebastián for a week of pintxos, hiking in the Picos, marveling at pilgrimages to Santiago de Compostela, and driving and hiking around Rias Baixas with Pontevedra as a base. 18 days of Pintxos, Picos, Pilgrims and Rias in Green Spain.

Pena Palace
Lisbon, Evora, Coimbra, Pinhao in the Douro river valley, and Porto
Lisbon and excursions to Sintra and Belem plus 2 driving trips south and north, then Evora and the Alentejo, the University town of Coimbra and Conimbriga Roman ruins, the relaxing Douro valley and a finish in Porto - 19 days of monuments, monasteries and motoring in Portugal!

Costa Brava
Barcelona, Costa Brava and Madrid
Barcelona, hiking Montserrat, a driving tour around the Costa Brava, seeing Dali museums and more hiking. Followed by a couple of nights in Madrid. 10 great days in Spain!

Tower of David
Israel - Tel Aviv, Jerusaelm, Masada, Galilee, Golan, and the North Coast
3 days in Tel Aviv, then a week in magical Jerusalem, followed by 9 days driving south to Masada and north to Galilee. 19 great days visiting holy sites, Roman and Crusader ruins, and hiking in Israel.

Jerusalem synagogue
Vienna and Prague
Vienna and Prague, 6 days for each of these cities on the beautiful cities tour. I don't know how people do it in less.

Roman Coloseum
Italy - Rome, Amalfi Coast, Tuscany and Venice
A week in Rome, then visiting Roman Ruins in Pompeii and Herculaneum and seeing Roman artifacts in Naples. A break from big cities in the Tuscan countryside and then on to Venice ...23 great days in Italy on the city and country tour.

Madrid and Andalusia
A great way to spend 25 days in Spain, starting and ending in Madrid - a high-speed train to Seville and rental car to other destinations in Andalusia. This was a a great trip, we relaxed, we saw a lot and we weren't going crazy with too many cities, even though there were some places where we just spent two nights.

Climbing pyramids, stomping around ancient ruins, exploring the Mayan culture. Off the beaten track on the fascinating Puuc Route in the Yucatan. Don't miss Ek Balam!

Paris Cafe
Paris, Normandy, Loire Valley, Provence...How to spend a month in France, starting with a great week in Paris and ending on the French Riviera.

Piazza San Marco
Italy - the Great Art Tour
Rome, Florence and Venice...2 weeks in Italy on the Renaissance Art tour

Amsterdam canals and bikes
Gaining an insight into Dutch culture...2 weeks on business but also playing in the largest city in The Netherlands

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photo of Roman Colosseum at night by Rebecca Snyder


Madrid and Andalusia, best and worst of the trip. "The people were genuinely warm and friendly, each hotel we stayed at was a great place at a great price, and the food and sights were fantastic" more...